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Sep 23, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, and schools throughout the year. securityent obama's compromised during the service, -- scandal. several of the agents were d of hiring prosecutes the presidentwith in colombia. an investigation had been launched and there was no t he was in danger. the campaign trail this weekend, republican and democratic politicians took to the airways to voice their opinions. has the report. sunday morning talk shows, partiesans from both off.ed is when them line asked these questions, which of these prepared tos better forward?economy overwhelmingly they say it is president obama. >> it will be about your bank account, not his swiss bank account. beingl be your job and afraid of losing it. >> we are not finding any jobs, iic or republican for american jobs. i am improving schools in the states, not just read states or blue states. i do not believe in just looking t for the workers, the businesses, or just 47%. i will look out for everyone. saturday in california mitt romney says that his goal is to make sure that mitt romney loses job -- make sure that loses his job. president said the he cannot fix
Sep 16, 2012 5:00pm EDT
growing impatience by the lack of clarity by the obama administration by articulating those so-called red lines. >> turning to vote 2012 news. the factor has been talked a lot during this campaign and mitt romney has been lag behind president obama in this category. more on his strategy. >> get ready for another charm offensive. yesterday, romney went to his grandson's soccer game. this week, he and wife ann appear on live with kelly and michael chatting about everything from tooth taste tubes to the jersey shore. >> i'm kind of a snookey fan. >> by the way, an squeezes the tooth paste from the top mitt from the bottom. why the warm and fuzzy? because the president has a slight lead among voters to win he is running away in the likeability numbers. this week the president will laugh it up on the letterman show. but does he need to? when we ask which canned dated is more personable and likeable it's obama. but would you want to have dinner with? obama. who would make a more loyal friend? obama. but the real worry for romney is the questio
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2